The 2nd exhibit is coming soon

This year you will have the chance to see four exhibits of ARTERIJA – one for each season. With more and more sun over our heads, the first winter exhibit A BLINK is to be replaced with the second exhibit, symbolically titled The Return.
The second exhibit-installation is to be unveiled on June 21st, 7 PM, in V. Kuzmos street, Kaunas.So, what exactly is The Return? The experience of a retrieved childhood is fundamentally conflicting: it does not recognise its distinctness, is unaware of its happiness and once it does become aware, it is no longer childhood and only feels the happiness in the shape of a loss to be sought. Such experience could be said to be achingly unreal if it were not the only available option, if the dream to retrieve the childhood would not be accompanied by the awareness of the memory of joyful childhood being the only available happiness of childhood.